Below you will find a number of articles which Aontas believes have worthwhile things to say on matters of current interest to the church in Ireland.

1. Prosperity / Health and Wealth Gospel – is it Biblical?

‘What’s wrong with the Faith Movement? The teachings of Kenneth Copeland’ 
by Hank Hanegraaff and Erwin M DeCastro
‘An Evaluation of the Key Doctrines of the Health and Wealth Faith Movement’ 
from Spotlight Ministries.

2. Conditional Immortality / Annihilationalism- is it Biblical?

‘Hell and Conditional Immortality – Hell, the Very Idea of It’  by Michael Horton
‘The Hermeneutics of Annihilationalism’ by Robert A Peterson

3. Open Theism – The so-called “new view of God”

‘Defining Evangelical Boundaries Theologically: Is Open Theism Evangelical?’ by Bruce Ware

4. Evangelical Catholicism- can one be evangelical and a Catholic?

‘The Cutting Edge – Evangelicals and Catholics Together’ by Noel A. Espinosa (Evangelical Times)
‘A Review and a Response to “Evangelical and Catholics Together”: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium’ by James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries