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1. Our Purpose
Aontas, which was formerly known as the Association of Irish Evangelical Churches, was founded in the early 1990’s. It changed its name to Aontas in 2006 to reflect a change in its constitution. Previously the Association was open to membership only from churches, but in 2006 we decided provide for the affiliation of missions and para-church groups, and for individuals to become supporters. To reflect our high view of the church, we have retained the governance of Aontas within the hands of its partner churches.

Aontas exists:
  • To further the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Ireland
  • To give visible expression to our unity in Christ by facilitating and fostering close co-operation between Bible-centred churches, missions and individual believers in Ireland
  • To encourage efficient and effective communication of the Gospel.

Aontas is not:
A denomination, and so does not involve itself in the governance of local churches.

Gospel Partnership
Aontas will seek to further the Gospel in Ireland in the following ways:
  • By enabling the sharing of resources
  • By supporting the planting of Bible-centred churches
  • By sponsoring bible-centred conferences and activities

Public Engagement
We will seek to apply biblical principles to public life in order to promote Christian standards of morality and social justice. We aim to achieve this by:
  • Researching and analysing current thinking and social policy in the light of Scripture
  • Keeping our Partners, Associates and Supporters informed of societal trends and impending legislation
  • Assisting churches to equip their members to engage effectively on issues in society
  • Representing the concerns of Partners, Associates and Supporters to Government Ministers, TDs, and other relevant departments, bodies and agencies
  • Releasing statements to the media
  • Acting where appropriate in co-operation with other groups and agencies

Theological Advocacy 

We will engage in theological research and discussions in order to advance and deepen an understanding and acceptance of biblical Christianity. We will aim to achieve this by:
  • Monitoring theological trends
  • Sponsoring the production of appropriate literature
  • Organizing and participating in conferences
  • Organizing church leaders fraternals
  • Clarifying and promoting the true basis of inter-church unity

International Relations 

We will seek to express fellowship with Bible-centred churches and evangelical agencies worldwide in order to demonstrate that biblical church unity knows no national boundaries. We will aim to achieve this by:
  • Stimulating a global outlook and concern among Aontas churches
  • Highlighting the various international links of Partners and Associates
  • Exchanging biblical and theological insights on a global basis
  • Encouraging mission agencies within Aontas to work closely together
  • Inviting suitable international Christians to attend and address Aontas-sponsored events

 2. Our Beliefs 
Read our Statement of Faith under the 'Our Beliefs' link

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 3. Our Executive Committee 
Aontas Executive Committee
The following people make up the Aontas Executive Committee elected by the churches at its Annual Conference.

Paudge Mulvihill – Calvary Church Westport
Matthew Brennan - Clonmel Baptist Church, Co. Tipperary 
Mark Loughridge - New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny 
Ray Clancy - Calvary Galway 
Peter Jemphrey - Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway
Seth Lewis - Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork
Ludie Creech - Hope Community Church, Longford

Our Hon. Secretary is Paudge Mulvihill

Our Administrator is Ray Clancy